Welcome to Swab56.

We’re making swabs to help address the shortage.

Our first product is the FiberFlex Rayon, a non-sterile absorbent tipped applicator. This swab is designed with a flexible nylon and carbon fiber shaft and a rayon tip.

Swab56 Corp. currently manufactures a non-sterile swab, the FiberFlex Rayon (FDA Code KXF). The FiberFlex Rayon has a 3D printed shaft made from nylon and carbon fiber and a 100% rayon bud tip. It has a break-off point at 100mm and has demonstrated PCR compatibility. Our swabs are manufactured in the US (here at our HQ in San Diego, CA) with an American supply chain.

With help from our 3D printing partner, MarkForged, we’ve been manufacturing swabs and helping to bridge the supply gap in our local community and across the United States. As scientists, our team is also committed to R&D, and the FiberFlex Rayon swab is just the beginning. We have teamed up with Goddard, who has been augmenting the engineering power we have in house as we move forward with future products.

Swab56 is run by scientists and has not accepted outside investors to ensure that the science always comes first.

3D Printed Nylon Shaft

Fiberflex swabs are built using a nylon shaft which is reinforced with carbon fiber, making them stronger than ABS or nylon alone. They are flexible, but they can withstand mechanical force or torsion without break or shear. The swab designs were evaluated for clinical use and passed rigorous mechanical performance tensile and torsional testing.

Rayon Bud Tips

The applicator tip is wrapped with rayon. This makes our swab softer than others on the market, which have exposed 3D printed material on the tip where specimens are collected.

Individual Packaging

We package each swab individually in a Steriking pouch. We typically ship our swabs in minimum shipments of 1,000 swabs, so you are receiving swabs regularly. But if you’re interested in a smaller order to get samples, contact us through the “inquires” tab at the top of the page.

United States FDA registration information can be viewed here.
Operator Number 10067079
Registration Number 3016710553

The FiberFlex Rayon Swab was developed through the collective efforts of various partners: